Technological Solutions

If your child has hearing loss, there are a variety of solutions available to them depending on their individual needs and level of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

Many children are able to benefit from hearing aid amplification in one or both ears. Hearing aid use should normally begin as soon as hearing loss is identified, even in infants.


Children who are unable to wear a hearing aid due to a congenital ear malformation, chronic ear infection complications, or poor speech discrimination may be candidates for a Baha bone conduction hearing device. Baha devices convert sound waves to vibrations, and bypass the ear canal to stimulate the cochlea by vibrating against the temporal bone. Younger children may be candidates for the Baha softband, which is worn on an elastic band across the temporal bone. Older children may be candidates for the Baha osseointegrated implant system, which allows for more powerful stimulation of the cochlea and increased speech discrimination.

cochlear implants

Children with severe to profound hearing loss may be candidates for cochlear implants. In children with hearing loss from a very young age, it is essential to stimulate the sound processing portion of the brain at an early age in order to lay the groundwork for learning and understanding spoken language. Children as young as one year old may be candidates for cochlear implants.

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