Hearing Tests for Young Children

Did you know that all newborn infants should receive a hearing screening shortly after birth? Currently, an estimated 95% of newborns undergo a hearing screening as a part of standard newborn examinations after delivery. Occasionally, these screenings may result in a referral for more comprehensive audiological testing. Iowa Ear Center is here to help.

While newborn hearing screening has become the national standard of care in the United States, data suggests that nearly half of all babies who do not pass their newborn hearing screenings do not receive follow-up testing or care. We are pleased to be able to offer testing and care appropriate for each child's specific needs.

Our experienced audiologists can perform a variety of tests based on a child's age and unique needs. One of the most common tests performed after a failed newborn hearing screening is the auditory brainstem response test, often called an ABR or BAER test. This test must be performed while the child is asleep, and the audiologist measures the brain's response to different sounds using electrodes attached to the surface of the skin. Most infants under 6 months of age are able to sleep through this test naturally. Occasionally, this test may be performed under sedation for children too old to fall asleep easily and too young to participate with standard hearing tests, or if a child is already being sedated for another procedure.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about different types of hearing screenings for your child or loved one.