Cochlear Implant Program

The Iowa Ear Center provides comprehensive care for hearing loss and ear related medical problems. In addition to our wide range of services, we are proud to offer our patients the gift of sound through cochlear implantation.
Cochlear implantation is an innovative technology that allows people with severe to profound hearing loss to experience better hearing.  The device, part of which is implanted under the skin behind the ear, helps people hear sound and understand speech. A cochlear implant bypasses the damaged hair cells in the cochlea to stimulate the hearing nerve directly, helping to restore the ability to perceive and understand sounds.  A cochlear implant is a surgical option for people who receive little or no benefit from hearing aids.  


Our cochlear implant center offers initial diagnostic evaluations to determine candidacy, as well as surgical implantation and programming of the cochlear implant, and continual follow-up support.

A cochlear implant evaluation involves diagnostic hearing testing, specialized speech testing, as well a thorough medical evaluation focused on the history of hearing loss.  Pre-surgery testing includes either a CT or MRI imaging study, as well as a history and physical, usually completed by a primary care physician.  The staff at the Iowa Ear Center guide each patient methodically through this process.  

We evaluate the unique circumstances of each potential cochlear implant candidate. Considering each person’s unique communication needs allows us to offer the best hearing options suited for that individual.  

Over 200,000 people worldwide have undergone cochlear implant surgery. The professionals at the Iowa Ear Center have over 10 years of experience with cochlear implant surgery as well as aftercare and programming.  

Our cochlear implant program and services are available through:

Iowa Ear Center
12499 University Avenue, Suite 200
Clive, IA  50325-8281
Phone: 515-418-9960
Toll free: 888-316-2127
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Patient Comments

“Thank you - it's a miracle!”- August 2016