Dr. Matthew Carfrae

Dr. Matthew Carfrae

Matthew Carfrae, M.D.

Matthew Carfrae, MD is a neuro-otologic surgeon who exclusively focuses on disorders of the ear, hearing and balance, and tumors which affect the skull base. 

Dr. Carfrae’s clinical expertise is in the fields of hearing loss, dizziness and balance disorders, pediatric otology, cochlear implants and skull base surgery. He is fellowship trained in Neurotology and Board Certified in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. He has published numerous research articles in the fields of otology, neurosurgery, and neuroradiology and presented nationally and internationally at scientific meetings. 

Dr. Carfrae was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He received his undergraduate degree from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and medical degree at the University of Iowa. After completing a residency in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York he finished a two year fellowship in Otology, Neurotology and Skull Base surgery at the University in Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. The University of Virginia is an internationally recognized center for the surgical correction of congenital ear abnormalities, specifically the repair of pediatric aural atresia. His fellowship studies focused on acoustic neuroma tumor treatment, and complicated and revision ear surgery.


Patient Comments

“Very personable and expressed a high degree of competency.”

“I have been to ENTs for years. Dr. Carfrae and his team offered me the only surgery that has ever worked. I cherish my hearing and being able to talk to my friends and family again. Thank you Dr. Carfrae!”

“His knowledge is out of this world. He and his staff are nice too."

“I can't thank Dr. Carfrae enough. I have had ear problems since I was in the service. The V.A. ENT was unable to effectively help and thank God they sent me to him. Right away I could tell this guy knew what he was doing, viewed the problem, analyzed the problem, and since the surgery, I have had minimal low scale problems, which was to be expected of course. My treatment is ongoing at this point. I think the biggest thing for me is trust. I would and will recommend Dr. Carfrae to anyone that has ear problems. Thanks.”