Aural Atresia & Congenital Ear Disorders Clinic

There are many common congenital ear disorders that may be discovered at birth. Some of most common conditions are microtia and aural atresia. Microtia occurs in an estimated 1 out of every 8,000–10,000 births, and aural atresia occurs in an estimated 1 out of every 10,000-20,000 births. When considering options for treating these conditions and resulting hearing loss, it is important to work with a dedicated team of experienced professionals like the audiologists and clinicians at Iowa Ear Center.

Iowa Ear Center is especially suited to treat these conditions. Our surgeon Dr. Matthew Carfrae specializes in Otology and Neurotology, so he is uniquely qualified for procedures involving complicated ear surgery and consideration of the facial nerves. Our audiology department also offers bone conduction hearing systems and other hearing devices in coordination with Dr. Carfrae to ensure a comprehensive plan of care for each patient's unique needs.

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