Neurotologic Skull Base Surgery

Patients with complex skull base tumors and disease will often be operated and cared for by a number of specialists simultaneously, each with their own highly specialized contributions roles.  The specialists at Iowa Ear Center work with a team of experienced neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, head and neck surgeons, and radiation oncologists in order to assure the best outcomes treating complex skull base conditions.  We offer comprehensive treatment options, and individually customized care, including microsurgical resection, stereotactic radiosurgery, and careful observation when appropriate. 

A neurotologist is particularly suited to the discipline of Skull Base Surgery because of the specific expertise in the anatomy and microsurgery the temporal bone. The temporal bone is where the majority of nerves and blood vessels pass through the skull’s bony openings and pass into the face and neck. 

Advanced minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques may be available for certain conditions, allowing for decreased morbidity and speedier recovery.  Neuronavigational image guidance technology also can be employed in these complicated cases.  Some of the pathologies that require skull base surgery include: