About Our Balance Clinic

In a world where driving can be a necessity, dealing with dizziness, imbalance and vertigo can be a terrifying prospect. The National Institutes of Health estimate 40% of adults will seek professional care from a doctor to treat these symptoms at some point in their lives. So when the world feels out of balance, remember that you’re not alone.

For our Balance clinic only, we do require a referral from another medical provider. . Balance disorders are complex and are caused by a variety of factors - in order to rule out non-ear related vestibular causes, we recommend you start by visiting your primary care physician.

Balance is an important part of life, and it’s something we take for granted too often. Once it’s gone, the world feels like it will never be the same. It can cause nausea, limit your mobility and your independence if you can no longer drive or even navigate stairs without assistance.

Our clinical staff collaborates closely to develop a unique plan of care for each patient's needs. If you find yourself suffering from dizziness, imbalance or vertigo, please contact us today for more information. We look forward to helping you feel a little more steady on your feet.