Why Should I See a Licensed Audiologist? 

When you’re considering your hearing needs, you may have the option to see an audiologist (Au.D. or CCC-A) or a hearing aid dealer. At Iowa Ear Center we believe seeing a licensed audiologist can be the difference between hearing again and hearing right. Why?


Audiologists have a masters degree or doctorate in audiology (Au.D.), requiring up to eight years of higher education. Audiologists with a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A) have completed a rigorous academic program, supervised clinical experience and passed a national examination. A licensed audiologist has the skill to make sure any hearing technology will work right for you.


The Iowa Ear Center’s staff has worked in their field for decades, with both pediatric and adult patients. They can provide hearing evaluations, identify the cause of hearing loss and fit patients with devices.

Total Care

An audiologist’s job doesn’t stop once you have your hearing aid. Counseling, instruction and follow-ups are an essential part of being an audiologist. The goal isn’t to sell you a hearing aid, it’s to make sure you’re getting the best results from your treatment. 

Additionally, patients who purchase hearing aids through Iowa Ear Technology have ongoing access to our subspecialtist otology clinicians. The collaborative relationship between our providers ensures that any ear-related medical condition that may arise can be promptly addressed.

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