Cochlear Implant Patient Testimonials

The following are excerpts from our patients and their families that demonstrate the life-changing ability of cochlear implants.


Hope for the Future

“I hear so much more then I thought was even possible or imaginable. This second device is still new and I can already tell you, it is going to impact so much; there is no telling what the future may hold but I can tell you right now, I am definitely looking forward to the noise”

Expanding Communication

“The implant has brought back a clarity that allows me to once again talk on the phone and engage in a normal conversation without asking for a repeat so I could read lips on the second try. I am now able to communicate in noisy atmospheres, such as restaurants or gymnasiums, with some device adjustment. I now feel like a part of what is happening, instead of just having a visual understanding.”


“I have had my cochlear implant for one year now and continue to be amazed every day at the simple sounds, we take for granted, that I hadn't heard for years!  I don't have to keep asking "What did you say?" near as much.  I don't have to worry about conversing with others in a crowded room like I used to. I understand my grand children much better!  I do ask my wife once in a while "Do you hear that sound?" just to verify another sound I haven't heard for years.  My brain is still "learning" to process the new sounds and will continue for quite a while yet.”

A Parent’s Appreciation

“It’s been almost 18 months since our daughter was activated. I can tell you how she can hear and understand at the same level as any hearing 2-year old. I can tell you that her speech development is on target with her peers. She is checking the boxes. What I can’t express is the joy that comes from seeing my daughter dancing to music, singing a song, hearing a dog bark. Or the pride when she leans out the door and yells, “I love you grandpa,” when he leaves after a visit. These are the experiences that cochlear implants gave our family.”  

Overcoming Career Obstacles

“I had worn hearing aids for about 10 years, and even though I had spent thousands and thousands of dollars (out of pocket) on the aids and upgrades, nothing worked for me any longer. I was at a point of having to leave the career that I loved that required a great deal of personal interaction because I could no longer understand the conversations that were required to do my job. I had also quit going to events and seminars because it was frustrating to sit in a room of colleagues and not know what was being said and not able to contribute. Simply put, my cochlear implant has changed my life! The wonderful care and follow up I’ve received from Dr. Carfrae and his team has been exceptional. I have been able to continue to work and participate in meetings again- even lead them.”